Most marketers are familiar with conventional personalization strategies like adding the recipient’s name to an email, but these tactics barely scratch the surface of online personalization. The most effective marketers find ways to personalize virtually every aspect of their online presence.

In this article, we’ll cover three of the most powerful ways to personalize your digital marketing campaigns and develop a more engaging experience for your audience. More than half of all consumers consider personalization to be a standard service, so it’s never played a more important role in digital marketing. Don’t forget to check out our website if you’re interested in working with ecommerce app developers.

Product Recommendations

Product recommendation

Customizing product recommendations based on audience preferences is a well-known practice, but you can go significantly deeper by recommending items based on a wider range of inputs. For example, a customer’s history could be combined with audience reviews and feedback on each product they’ve purchased.

Providing irrelevant messaging and recommendations is a surprisingly common mistake among digital marketers, and thorough personalization helps you maximize the relevance of each email, text, or notification. Optimizing your recommendation practices will help you put the right products in front of the right leads at the right times.

Social Media

Social Media

Personalization can be effective on essentially any platform, but it’s particularly well-suited to social media channels. Connecting with your audience via social media gives you access to critical customer data which can be leveraged for additional traffic, sales, and social shares.

Social media also offers excellent opportunities for retargeting after a lead visits your site. Consumers often need to engage with a brand several times before finally making a purchase, so following up on social media will keep your products fresh in their mind and lead to a higher conversion rate.

Abandoned Carts

Shopping Cart

The majority of online shopping carts are abandoned before the sale, and abandoned carts are a crucial source of lost revenue for most online businesses. Converting even a small percentage of abandoned carts into purchases will have an immediate effect on your sales.

Along with one or two reminders about the product, you can also offer an exclusive gift such as free shipping or a small discount for an additional incentive. These gifts are a small price to pay for an order, especially if they lead the recipient to become a regular customer.


It’s tough to match the personal experience of in-person shopping on digital platforms, but even small adjustments can make your web presence far more engaging. These are just a few of the best ways to craft more personal messaging and build better relationships with your customers.

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